Application of Titanium Dioxide in Ink

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Titanium dioxide is widely used in inks because of its stable physical and chemical properties, white color, small particles, high refractive index, uniform mixing with fuel, insoluble in the vehicle but uniformly dispersed in the vehicle. . The basic requirements of ink for titanium dioxide performance include factors such as whiteness, particle size, hiding power, chemical properties and dispersion.








Ink is a viscous fluid prepared from colorants (pigments and fuels), fillers, additives and vehicles. Printing newspapers, books, pictures, printing words and patterns on metal, ceramics, rubber and plastic sheets, and printing circuit boards of radio semiconductors all use various inks. Titanium dioxide has stable physical and chemical properties, white color, small particles, high refractive index, can be evenly mixed with fuel, insoluble in the vehicle but can be uniformly dispersed in the vehicle, as a color in the ink. It is widely used in ink products, which makes ink products have the characteristics of stable chemical properties, sasol wax price list, light resistance, heat resistance, dilute acid and alkali resistance, hydrophobicity and lipophilicity, small fluidity, fine and uniform particles, and good grinding and dispersing properties.

The proportion of titanium dioxide used in ink production is also relatively large, generally 25% to 50%, and a few uses more than 50%. Different types of inks have different quality requirements for titanium dioxide. Generally speaking, rutile titanium dioxide has ideal application properties, and it is more common to be used in the preparation of various types of inks. Comparing the application performance indicators of rutile and anatase titanium dioxide inks, it can be found that rutile titanium dioxide is better than anatase titanium dioxide in terms of crystal shape, refractive index, tinting strength and fluorescence index.

All inks present a variety of colors, it is based on the role of pigments. Inorganic pigments are oxides of non-ferrous metals, such as titanium dioxide. Relatively speaking, water-based inks have high requirements for terbium white powder, not only need to have very good weather resistance, dispersibility, hiding power and whiteness, but also need to ensure that titanium dioxide has low oil absorption, as well as excellent temperature resistance, Acid and alkali resistance.

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