Introduction to the use of PTFE ultrafine powder

2021-06-14   Pageview:1079

PTFE ultrafine powder can be used as a solid lubricant alone or as an additive to plastics, rubber, paints, inks, lubricants, greases, etc. When mixed with plastics or rubber, various typical powder processing methods can be added, such as blending, at a content of 5% to 20%. Adding PTFE powder to grease can reduce the coefficient of friction, and as long as it increases some it can improve the service life of the lubricant. Organic solvent dispersions can also be used as release agents.

Micronized  PTFE powder products have 100% purity and molecular weight less than 10,000, and the particle size of PTFE micronized powder series is 0.5-15μm. It not only keeps all the excellent properties of PTFE, but also has many unique properties: if no self-consolidation, no electrostatic effect, good compatibility, low molecular weight, good dispersibility, high self-lubrication and significantly lower friction coefficient.

The average particle size of PTFE ultrafine powder is less than 5μm, the specific surface area is more than 10m 2 / g, the friction coefficient is 0.06-0.07, it has good lubricity and can be well dispersed in many materials. It can be used as an anti-stick, anti-friction and flame retardant additive for plastics, rubber, inks, coatings and greases. It can also be used as a dry lubricant to make aerosols.

The specific surface area of PTFE ultrafine powder is very important. Among the studies and related data reported on the specific surface area of PTFE ultrafine powder, only the BET method has shown reliable results. The standard of specific surface area measurement is based on BET test method, please refer to (GB.T 19587-2004) – Gas adsorption BET principle to determine the specific surface area of solid materials. Specific surface area testing has a special specific surface area tester. The mature domestic method is dynamic nitrogen adsorption. Most existing domestic instruments can only be compared directly.


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