Polyurethane waterproof coating standard, polyurethane waterproof coating construction scheme

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Waterproof coating is a common material in home decoration. There are many kinds of common waterproof materials. Among them, polyurethane waterproof coating is highly praised. It is a relatively new type of waterproof coating, and it is also a material with better environmental protection. When decorating, you need to understand the standard of polyurethane waterproof coating and the construction scheme of polyurethane waterproof coating.

First, the standard of polyurethane waterproof coating

1. The waterproof base of the polyurethane waterproof coating should be dry, smooth and clean, and the uneven places and cracks should be smoothed with cement mortar.

2. Dilute the prepared paint with an appropriate amount of thinner (200# gasoline or xylene), and apply a thin layer to pretreat the base layer.

3. The polyurethane waterproof coating is generally divided into three layers. munzing wax emulsions for paints It is necessary to wait for the previous coating to cure (usually 24 hours) before brushing the next one; each layer needs to be smeared in the vertical direction.

4. Usually the ratio is strictly implemented according to (A:B=1:2 or according to the packaging requirements). During construction, pour the two components A and B into a clean container and stir them evenly. Use a plastic or rubber scraper to brush evenly on the base.

2. Construction scheme of polyurethane waterproof coating

1. Main materials

Polyurethane waterproof coating is a reactive elastic coating. It uses polyether polyol, isocyanate and asphalt as the main raw materials, adds catalyst, thinner, defoamer, anti-aging agent and other additives, and reacts under strict process conditions. .

2. Construction technology

① Construction process

Material preparation→technical preparation→basic treatment→painting primer→detail treatment→waterproof layer construction→quality inspection→finished product protection

②Basic treatment

The surface of the base layer needs to be flat and smooth, and there should be no looseness, blisters or holes. If the above phenomenon exists, it should be leveled with cement mortar, filled and leveled with cement putty prepared with 15% cement 108 glue or polyvinyl acetate emulsion.

③ Construction technology

The construction of the coating film waterproofing is divided into two parts, the concrete floor waterproofing and the side wall waterproofing. Apply the base treatment agent Polyurethane A, B and xylene in a ratio of 1:1.5:2 (weight ratio) and mix them evenly. Use a long roller brush to fill the mixture and evenly brush it on the base surface. When brushing, it should not be exposed or the bottom should be exposed, and the brushing amount should be about 0.3kg/m2. After applying, you should take a dry bath for more than 5 hours before proceeding to the next step of construction.

3. Construction drawing of waterproof contact

4. The acceptance of the project shall be accepted according to the requirements of the coating waterproof layer in the “Code for Acceptance of Underground Waterproof Engineering Quality” (GB50208-2002).

5. Quality assurance measures

The key to ensuring the quality of the polyurethane waterproof coating is that the mixing ratio is correct, and the mixing is sufficient, and it can be used as needed according to the climatic conditions. In addition, the materials should be strictly controlled, and the information of waterproof materials (including product qualification certificates, waterproof materials permit and anti-counterfeiting signs, etc.) should be complete.

6. Safety precautions

Materials used for construction must be packaged in airtight containers, and the warehouse and construction site where materials are stored should be well ventilated.

Three, polyurethane waterproof coating brand recommendation

1. Oriental Yuhong

It is a large-scale enterprise integrating product research and development, production, sales and construction, and it is also the first listed company in the waterproof industry.

2. JCDecaux

It is a well-known leading enterprise at home and abroad. It belongs to a wholly-owned enterprise, and its main goals are product reorganization, waterproof technology and thermal insulation technology of external walls.

3. Lei Bangshi

It focuses on the development and production of chemical building materials products, and has become a leading enterprise in the industry by virtue of the international leading production technology and imported raw materials.


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