Polyethylene wax for road marking paint

2021-06-27   Pageview:570

Polyethylene wax for road marking paint has high melting point, high hardness, non-cracking, non-staining and other characteristics, the product fluidity is very good, relatively good construction.

Characteristics of pe wax for road marking

  1, Good product fluidity, good construction, improve construction efficiency.

2, Good heat resistance, high hardness, good paint hardness, scratch resistance, anti-rolling, good temperature resistance.

3, High recommended for shock line road marking paint, good wetting and dispersing effect on titanium dioxide powder.

4, Better external slip performance, good anti-fouling ability of paint.

Polyethylene wax for road marking can also be used in: color masterbatch/filler masterbatch, hot melt adhesive, PVC pipe/profile, rubber, stabilizer, ink, coating, etc. It is a good dulling agent and can also be used as dispersing lubricant for plastic and pigment, moisture-proof agent for corrugated paper, hot melt adhesive and floor wax, car beauty wax, etc.


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