Silicone defoamer so you don’t have to worry about water-based paint foaming

2021-08-31   Pageview:423

Foaming in waterborne coatings causes the volume of the coating to swell. This not only reduces the utilization of the co-mixing equipment, but also limits the speed of mixing the read coatings to prolong the mixing time.

With the increasing application of waterborne coatings, there are many silicone defoamers on the market for waterborne coatings that are more effective.










Defoamer is generally not a single active ingredient, but a combination of a variety of active ingredients, added to the foaming liquid at a low concentration, can control the foam substance. It shows better defoaming effect and longer time foam inhibition ability. It can be incorporated quickly, but does not react with the foaming system, and can also prevent secondary foaming due to its chemically stable nature.

Tip: You can add half of it in the grinding stage to play a preventive role, and then add the other half in the paint mixing stage. This can better play the role of defoamer, it will not make the paint coating surface defects or affect its film-forming properties.

TP-80B is a synthetic wax used for rubber plastics, MDF and chipboards, hot melt adhesives, wax emulsions, etc.

If you want the film to be more lustrous, full and beautiful, how can your paint coating be without it?


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