Defoamer for waterborne coatings

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Nowadays, water-based paint has been widely used in decoration, and water-based paint defoamer is an indispensable good helper. At this time, some people will ask, how wide the range of water-based paint defoamer is, and how to choose; is the role of defoamer really that important, and what effect will it have if it is not used; will defoamer affect the performance of the coating?





The purpose of the existence of water-based paint defoamer:

The purpose of adding defoamer to water-based coatings is to reduce the foam produced in the entire production process and construction process. The main functions of the defoamer include: adding it before foaming can control foam, and adding it after foaming can eliminate foam. At the same time, it is also required to have excellent compatibility with other additives and compatibility with coating systems.

Types and applications of water-based paint defoamer:

1. Silicon, commonly used is polydimethylsiloxane, also known as dimethyl silicone oil.

2. Polyether modified silicon, which combines the advantages of polyether and silicone defoamer.

3. High-carbon alcohols, high-carbon alcohols are linear molecules with strong hydrophobicity and weak hydrophilicity, and are effective defoaming agents in water systems.

Water-based paint defoamer is used in water-based paint, ink, ink, varnish, leather edge oil, paper coating, laminating adhesive, latex paint, adhesive, polyvinyl alcohol, paraffin wax in paint and other products that cannot use silicone defoamer The system is directly added as stock solution.

Are waterborne coating defoamers related to the appearance of some surface defects such as shrinkage craters?

Related, but waterborne paint defoamer is the one that solves the trouble, not the troublemaker. In the process of paint production and blending, due to the expansion caused by violent foaming, the utilization rate of blending equipment is reduced, and the pigments and fillers cannot be repeatedly wetted. After mixing and making, it is poured into the packaging barrel, which cannot be filled, and the volume is uneven, which interferes with the packaging. These foams will cause surface defects during use. If there are pits on the coating film, the bubbles will not burst until the coating dries and forms a film, causing common defects such as protrusions, fish eyes, and cracks to appear on the coating film. The water-based coating defoamer has the ability of defoaming and anti-foaming, as well as good leveling and dispersibility, and can quickly be compatible with the coating system, thereby avoiding the occurrence of defects such as shrinkage craters.


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