Frequently Asked Questions about PVC with Oxidized Wax

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For PVC manufacturers, if the oxidation wax is not selected properly, it will lead to the following difficult problems:

The plasticization of the plate is not good, causing wear on the screw and barrel, the surface of the product is rough, the toughness is not good, and the product cannot be sold;

The film release effect is not good, the product sticks to the roller, causes damage to the equipment, affects the continuous production, and increases the processing energy consumption;

There is precipitation;

There is paste.

So how to resolve the appeal issue?

1. What should I do if the plasticization is not good?

The characteristics of the lubricant directly affect the plasticizing speed. Polyethylene wax can delay the plasticizing speed of pvc melt, while Tianshi HDO PE Homopolymer Wax can be used as an effective plasticizing accelerator.

2, How to reduce the wear of barrel and screw

The reason for the excessive wear of the equipment may be that the plasticization of the PVC mixture is not uniform and the demoulding effect is not good. Tianshi high-density oxidized polyethylene wax can improve the plasticizing effect of PVC melt and make the plasticizing process controllable. The external lubrication effect of the tianshi ope wax is good, which can promote the product demoulding.

3, How to reduce the precipitation phenomenon?

The reason for the precipitation is related to many problems such as PVC formula, equipment, and the amount of raw materials added. Usually because there is a certain amount of low-molecular-weight volatiles in the formula components.

Low melting point lubricants have poor compatibility with other ingredients in the formulation.

The production formula is unreasonable, the selection of raw materials is improper, and the plasticizing effect is not good.

Specific problems are dealt with in detail. For the problem of precipitation caused by the low melting point of the lubricant, a high melting point wax, such as high-density oxidized polyethylene wax, can be selected. The melting point can reach 138 ° C, which is not easy to precipitate.

4, How to solve the problem of product paste?

The main cause of problems such as paste, coking, and other surface imperfections is that the melt will slip or stick to the mold surface during flow. Tianshi oxidized wax has a good synergistic effect, which can promote the formation of a lubricating layer between the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) melt and the inner wall of the mold, reduce the slip/sticky flowing melt, and prevent the generation of paste. Tianshi oxidized wax is a very effective lubricant, generally added in PVC formulations (0.05-0.5phr).


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