PE waxes for PVC pipes and pipe fittings

2021-03-11   Pageview:908

Granule Fischer-Tropsch Wax for Masterbatch OSW-101 Name: Fischer-tropsch wax Model Number: OSW-101 Chemical Composition: FT Wax

The important application of PE wax is PVC processing. Compared with fatty acid lubricant, it will not bring adverse impact on the tension and VICAT softening point of the melts. In addition, it can offer excellent block resistance and control the flow. PE wax can be used to control the melting when special processing method is adopted. In such case, it can offer good compatibility with other ingredients even if it is used in substantial volume.

Amongst known plastic lubricants, PE wax can offer both internal and external lubrications (stripping effect) while retaining higher level of clarity. As an excellent lubricant, it imposesalmost no impact on gelation. In addition, low volatility of PE wax is vitally important for calendering and vacuum degassing.

As internal lubricant, PE wax offers good compatibility with polymers. Within the polymers, it can reduce the cohesion between molecules of the polymers so that internal friction heat inside the plastic melt and fluidity of the melt can be improved.

As external lubricant, the main role of PE wax is to improve from the friction between polymer melt and hot metal surface of the processing devices. It offers poor compatibility with the polymers and can easily transfer to the outside from inside of the melts so that it can form a thin layer where plastic melt is bordered with the metals.


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