Wax Emulsion Improves Leveling in Architectural Coatings

2022-02-22   Pageview:295

Building exterior wall coatings need to get rid of wall discoloration, fading, poor weather resistance, UV resistance, water seepage, water marks, wall cracking/cracking, peeling and chalking, which are caused by the process of preparing the coating. The quality cannot meet the requirements. As a commonly used additive in architectural coating systems, wax emulsions can improve the performance of paint films. What properties do wax emulsions mainly improve architectural paint films?

Polyethylene Wax Emulsion for Architectural Coatings:
1. Degassing: For metal substrates, such as cast iron, cast aluminum, and zinc, they avoid the need for small molecular substances, while polyethylene wax emulsion solves the coating of pores, bubbles and depressions caused by the substrate defect.

2. Improve leveling: Since architectural coatings and industrial coating substrates are quite different, especially industrial coating substrates are diverse, it is very important for water-based wax emulsions with good wetting and leveling effects. Better wetting in fillers and pigments.

3. Improve the smoothness of the paint film: Basically, every wax emulsion has the effect of improving the smoothness of the paint film and increasing the storage stability of the paint. Add a small amount of polyethylene wax emulsion, after extrusion, it is not easy to stick to the cooling roller.

4. Control the gloss: During baking, the wax component will float to the surface of the coating film to form a transparent paint film. The finer particle size will not reduce the gloss, but if the particle size is thick enough, it may have the effect of reducing the gloss. , the wax emulsion can maintain the gloss of the paint surface at a certain temperature.

5. Wear-resisting, anti-scratch: The wax component is distributed on the surface of the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratches, abrasions and provide abrasion resistance.


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