Sasol (China): High-performance additives for lubricants, metalworking fluids and metal cleaners

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Sasol is one of the leading suppliers of high-performance components and additives for lubricants, metalworking fluids and metal cleaning agents. We are committed to offering a variety of high-quality products and comprehensive solutions.

Based on a wide variety of feedstocks ranging from synthetic to natural-based alcohols, unique chemical process technologies, and our customer-focused approach to innovation, Sasol’s products and solutions provide specific benefits, primarily in the areas of lubrication, emulsification, corrosion inhibition, hardness resistance and cleaning.

Sasol understands the needs of our customers and consumers. We believe that only by providing tailor-made solutions and stable quality products can we create real business value for our customers.

Sasol chemicals sasol wax 6403 price can be used for the following purposes in the field of lubricants:

-Group V base oil

– Lubricating additives

– Friction improver


– Intermediates

Sasol chemicals can be used for the following purposes in the field of metalworking fluids:

– Emulsifiers

– Coupling agents

– Hardness resistance

– Corrosion inhibition

– Lubricating additives

– Dispersant

Sasol chemicals can be used for the following purposes in the field of metal cleaning:

– Cleaning agents

– Wetting agents



– Low VOC solvents

NOVELUTION is Sasol’s product line dedicated to supplying emulsifiers for the coatings, colorants, inks, and emulsion polymerization industries.

Anionic emulsifier

NOVELUTION A203KN and 3203N support formula for high calcium, high alkali and other application environments;
NOVELUTION PA89N is a high-efficiency, low-foaming anionic surfactant with high solid content, low viscosity, and ultra-low pour point. It is easy to operate and has little effect on the water resistance of the coating film;
NOVELUTION ZS23N, LE73N Anionic emulsifier suitable for small particle size emulsion;
NOVELUTION S03N can directly replace liquid SDS, excellent low temperature performance.

Emulsifier product series for food packaging materials such as NOVELUTION FES27N-L
Sasol offers nonionic surfactants based on different fatty alcohols to improve the stability of emulsion formulations, provide wetting, color development, and more.

Such as: NOVELUTION GT90, 390, 3400K, LE407K, etc.


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