Application Of PE Wax In Powder Coating

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The application of PE wax in powder coatings, during the film-forming process of powder coatings, when the coating film cools, PE wax precipitates from the coating liquid, forming fine particles, floating on the surface of the coating film, playing the role of texture, matting and smoothness , Anti-abrasion and scratching effect; various patterns can be obtained by properly selecting micronized wax and coating system.

Effects of Polyethylene Micropowder Wax:
1. Texture and matting: when the coating film is cooled, the polyvinyl wax particles are precipitated from the coating solution and migrate to the surface of the coating film, producing patterns and matting effects; in powder coatings, different micronized waxes have different effects on the reduction of gloss , Micronized wax can be selected according to gloss requirements. The amount of micronized wax added is 1%, and the gloss of 60 is reduced by 5-15.
2. Anti-scratch, anti-abrasion, anti-polishing, anti-marking: Fine polyolefin wax exists in the form of dispersed particles on the surface of the coating, which reduces the friction coefficient of the coating and makes objects collide with the surface of the coating. Greater than the tendency to scratch, reduce the tendency to be polished by friction, maintain low gloss and low durability. The addition of 0.5-1% can reduce the dynamic friction coefficient of the coating film from 0.35 to 0.25. When other objects come into contact with the coated product, they sometimes leave black marks on the film
Adding polyvinyl wax to the film can reduce this tendency, or make the printing easy to wipe off.
3. Effect on pigment dispersion: micronized wax enhances the wetting and dispersion of pigment aggregates, increasing the coloring strength of pigments. Adding 0.5-3% can increase the coloring strength of the pigment by 10%-30%.
4. Effect on extrusion output: micronized wax reduces screw torque, adding 1% can increase extruder output by 5-25%.
5. Smoothness and texture: Polyethylene wax gives the coating film an excellent texture.
6. Water resistance: Waxy coatings have better water repellency.
7. Wetting of the substrate: The precipitation of wax particles from the coating film will help the gas adsorbed on the porous substrate to escape.


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