How to use paint anti-mold agent DL-M80

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The amount of DL-M80 used in paint is related to many factors, such as: environmental and climatic conditions, the type of paint and the surface condition at the time of application, coating requirements, etc.

DL-M8 should be added when mixing paint: generally, DL-M80 is mixed with propylene glycol and film-forming additives first, then slowly and fully stirred and added, and then the thickening agent is added.

The general dosage is 0.1~0.3% of the product weight.












The Ziegler-Natta initiator is composed of a main initiator and a co-initiator. The main initiator is a transition metal compound of Group IV~M in the periodic table, usually a halide, such as Ti, W, V, Cr, Ni, Co. Halide; co-initiator is an organic compound or hydride of metals from groups I to III in the periodic table, such as Al, Cd, Mg, Be, Zn, Li, etc., also known as activator in industry, used in olefin production The transition metal compounds include TiCh, TiCh, CrO, MoO, etc.; the compounds used for the polymerization of diene are V, Ni, Co compounds; the main organometallic compounds are triethyl aluminum, triisobutyl aluminum, diethyl zinc, Diethyl aluminum chloride, montan wax manufacturers diethyl beryllium, etc.

Polymerization inhibitor
Free radical polymerization monomers are often polymerized due to factors such as light and heat during storage or processing and purification. Adding a small amount of polymerization inhibitor can avoid this destructive reaction. In the polymerization process, some monomers need to stop after polymerization to a certain conversion rate or add a polymerization inhibitor when there is a tendency to explode. The polymerization inhibitor can quickly interact with primary free radicals or chain free radicals to terminate the chain, and The polymerization reaction is controlled to a certain extent.


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