3 functions of leveling agent for coating

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1, Improve the fluidity and prolong the flow time. This function is mainly based on the drying characteristics of the coating to properly adjust the drying speed to achieve. For example: solvent-based coatings to adjust the rate of solvent evaporation, enhance the solvency of the solvent to the system resin, reduce the viscosity of the system to achieve; other coatings to extend the resting time and curing time to achieve. High boiling point solvents mainly include: aromatics, ketones, esters, alcohols and their mixtures, and tetrahydronaphthalene, etc.
2, the formation of a single molecular layer on the surface of the wet film to form a uniform surface tension, to create the conditions for the smooth flow of the coating. This type of functional additives are mainly represented by silicones and fluorine-modified silicone products.










3, Enhance the wettability of the substrate. The use of paint leveling agent molecular weight, low surface tension, and paint system is not fully compatible with the characteristics of its molecules can penetrate or penetrate the resin wet film, auxiliary coatings to enhance the wettability of the substrate, to exclude hidden gas molecules and complete the wetting of dust particles, and thus avoid shrinkage, pinholes appear. These additives are represented by acrylate polymers, vinylated cellulose and modified silicone products.

The function of the coating leveling agent is mainly to improve the surface performance of the coating and reduce surface defects. Water-based leveling agents do not contain APEO, VOC and other harmful substances. It plays an important role in improving the feel of many kinds of coatings.

Imported water-based leveling agent dosage is small, and the effect is good.

Selection of coating leveling agents, find paraffin wax emulsion producers
From the introduction of the function of the coating leveling agent, it can be seen that the scope of application of different types of coating leveling agent is somewhat limited, in fact, people rarely use a component of the coating leveling agent alone, the market appeared on the coating leveling agent products are also mostly compounded varieties.


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