What Is The Role Of Paint Dispersants?

2022-09-16   Pageview:347

The main functions of paint dispersants are:
1. The main function of the dispersant is to disperse the particles that need to be dispersed in the water-based paint on the surface, so that it has better stability.
2. The dispersant can improve the gloss of the water-based paint, improve the flatness of the surface of the water-based paint, and maintain a certain stability, so that when the sun shines on the wall, the water-based paint will emit a good gloss.

3. It can prevent the color change of the water-based paint surface. If the dispersant is not used properly, the color flower phenomenon will occur.
4. The dispersant can also reduce the viscosity of the paint, so that more pigments can be placed.
5. The dispersant can also increase the stability of the water-based paint. If the strength of the dispersant is not good, the stability of the water-based paint will be destroyed, which is not easy to see from the surface.
6. The dispersant can also increase the color transparency and saturation of the water-based paint, and enhance the covering ability of the water-based paint.


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