Characteristics And Uses Of PTFE Wax Micropowder

2022-09-29   Pageview:342

Characteristics and uses of polytetrafluoroethylene wax micropowder, PE/PTFE composite micropowder wax with high hardness, the addition of PTFE greatly improves the smoothness and scratch resistance of polyethylene wax micropowder, resulting in a very good synergistic effect. PTFE wax micropowder has high hardness, good particle shape and relatively concentrated particle size range, uniform molecular weight, easy to disperse, and good wear resistance.

ptfe micropowder

1. Paints and coatings:

PTFE wax powder can be used as an additive in coatings to improve its release performance, surface abrasion resistance, lubricity, chemical resistance, weather resistance and water resistance. It can also be used to improve the surface structure of paints and coatings and improve gloss. PTFE wax micropowder can be used in wood, plastic, industrial and other paints, and has the functions of good hand feeling and scratch resistance.

2. Ink:

PTFE wax powder can be used as an anti-wear agent in inks, which can improve wear resistance, lubricity, surface shininess, as well as agglomeration and gloss. It can be used in various inks such as screen, gravure, inner printing, surface printing, etc., and has the functions of anti-precipitation, anti-blocking, anti-scratch, anti-sticking and anti-rubbing, and at the same time provides smooth and soft hand feel and better hydrophobicity. sex and closure.

3. Oil and grease:

PTFE wax powder is an ideal additive to improve high and low temperature lubricants of oils and greases. Can be added to high viscosity specialty lubricants (perfluoropolyether oils, silicones, fluorosiloxanes, hydrocarbon lubricants). Can improve the service life and lubricating performance of lubricants, especially in high temperature and corrosive environments.

4. Powder coating:

It can be used in powder coatings to improve surface hardness, smoothness, friction resistance, and has a certain matting effect.


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