Features of Ceridust 3620

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Ceridust 3620 is a microcrystallized, colorless, odorless, high-density polyethylene wax with an average particle size of about 8.5 microns. Due to the toughness of polyethylene and its suitable particle size distribution, Ceridust 3620 provides excellent anti-abrasion and anti-caking properties for paste and liquid inks, and can be widely used for solvent-based flat, gravure and offset surface printing and laminating inks. Manufactured in Germany.

Uses and characteristics:

◇Provides excellent anti-abrasion, anti-scratch, anti-adhesive, and increased slip surface properties for the ink to avoid abrasion of the ink surface by rubbing the paper against each other in the high-speed printing process, which affects the printing effect. It can also prevent the upper and lower sheets from sticking together.

◇Eliminates the phenomenon that the ink film easily falls off the shaft in the high-speed printing process

◇It can be added directly into the ink, which is easy to use and reduces cost













Among these powder coatings, the most widely used in my country before 2009 was epoxy polyester powder coatings, followed by (pure) polyester powder coatings, and then (pure) ring-cassette powder coatings. Due to different national conditions in my country, The large-scale promotion and application of polyurethane powder coatings and acrylic powder coatings will take a long time. The development of powder coating varieties in different countries is different, and the proportion of different resin powder coatings in different countries is also significantly different. After 2010, the powder coating product structure has undergone significant changes. In the total output of thermosetting powder coatings, the output of polyester powder coatings exceeds that of epoxy polyester powder coatings. Moreover, HAA cured polyester powder coatings accounted for 41% of the output of polyester powder coatings; the output of epoxy polyester powder coatings occupies the second place, and the output of epoxy powder coatings occupies the third place.

When classified according to the coating method of powder coatings, it can be divided into electrostatic spraying powder coatings, fluidized bed dipping powder coatings, electrostatic fluidized bed powder coatings, air spraying powder coatings, flame spraying powder coatings, electrophoretic powder coatings, and UV curing Powder coatings and other varieties.

According to the special functions and uses of powder coatings wax, they can be divided into decorative powder coatings, heavy-duty anti-corrosion powder coatings, steel powder coatings, weather-resistant powder coatings, electrical insulating powder coatings, anti-static powder coatings, thermal transfer powder coatings, metal Pre-coated powder coatings, aluminum profile powder coatings, antibacterial powder coatings and high temperature resistant powder coatings.

When classified according to the appearance of the coating film of powder coatings, it can be divided into high-gloss powder coatings, glossy powder coatings, semi-gloss powder coatings, matt powder coatings, matte powder coatings, wrinkle powder coatings, orange powder coatings, sand-grain powder coatings , Hammer grain powder coatings, cotton grain powder coatings, pattern powder coatings, metallic flash powder coatings and nickel-plated powder coatings and other varieties. Generally, the gloss of the coating film is higher than 85%, which is high gloss; the gloss of 60% to 85% is glossy; the gloss of 40% to 60% is semi-gloss; the gloss of 25% to 40% is semi-matte; the gloss is in 10%~25% belongs to matt; gloss below 10% belongs to matt (some regard gloss below 5% as matt). The country has no unified regulations on the classification of coating film gloss. Some set the gloss range of matte to 10%-40%; the gloss range of high gloss is set to be greater than 90%. Different countries have different classification methods.


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