The role of asphalt warm mix

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Asphalt warm mix has the role of reducing the cost of road construction, reduce environmental pollution, reduce the mixing temperature of asphalt mixture, reduce the degree of asphalt aging, and extend the life of the road.

 Mechanism of wax-modified asphalt binders

Tianshi wax-modified asphalt binders can disperse the asphalt in the formation of oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur compounds into small molecular micelles, to achieve uniform dispersion, to reduce the mixing temperature of the purpose.

After the compaction is completed, the warm mix will transfer to the stone and asphalt interface, with a certain anti-flaking effect, to strengthen the bond between the aggregate and asphalt binder performance.

Warm mix agent can “collect” stone in the residual trace water and then asphalt binder inside the temporary formation of structural water film, containing surfactant water film to play a lubricating effect to reduce the viscosity of asphalt, so as to achieve warm mix, so the stone drying moisture content requirements can be appropriately relaxed.

Characteristics of wax-modified asphalt binders

1, the developed asphalt warm mixer is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly products, can be added directly to the asphalt according to the quality fraction used.

2, the product neutral does not contain strong alkali, does not contain strong corrosive substances soft performance, does not belong to dangerous goods.

3, without affecting the asphalt mixture road performance, can reduce the construction temperature 30 ~ 50 ℃, thus saving energy to reduce environmental pollution and reduce costs.

4, safe, practical, easy to roll, reduce asphalt smoke to protect the health of construction personnel.

5, warm mix asphalt mix design, mixing and construction process and hot mix mix is basically the same.

6, reduce the mixing temperature, reduce asphalt mixing asphalt aging degree, extend the service life of the road.

7, in the north can extend the construction period.

8, the asphalt warm mix technology can also be used in the road asphalt collection station, construction asphalt, hydraulic asphalt, asphalt waterproof material production and construction and other fields. Can reduce the asphalt storage and use temperature, thus saving a lot of energy.

 Road asphalt modified wax is viscosity-reducing warm mix agent, mainly has the following characteristics.

1. Improve the asphalt high-temperature temperature, improve the asphalt temperature sensitivity.

2. Effectively reduce the mixing and construction temperature of asphalt mixes.

3. Improve the low temperature viscosity of asphalt, and improve the rheological resistance of asphalt pavement.

4. Effectively reduce the high temperature viscosity of asphalt.

5. Reduce harmful gas emission.


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