5 applications of polyethylene wax in silicone

2021-08-02   Pageview:399

Polyethylene wax in rubber processing can enhance the diffusion of filler, improve the rate of extrusion molding, and increase the flow of the mold, and facilitate the release of the mold.

The role of PE wax for rubber
1, Lubrication dispersion generally do rubber or silicone blending will add some filling, some add carbon black, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, etc., high requirements for transparency will add some white carbon black and so on. Add polyethylene wax can play a certain role in lubrication and dispersion.

2, Anti-sticky mold release general rubber are more sticky, easy to sticky mold! Polyethylene wax can play a certain role of external lubrication.

3, Anti-ozone-aging: polyethylene wax will precipitate rubber surface, forming a protective film.

4, Plasticization, improve the processing performance of rubber: polyethylene wax molecular weight is much lower than rubber, after adding its molecular chain is easy to enter between the rubber molecular chain, so that the rubber molecular chain more easily slide.

5, Make the rubber easier to mix evenly: polyethylene wax enters between rubber molecular chains, expands the distance between rubber molecular chains, and at the same time carries the low molecular compatibility agent such as rubber molecular chains, so that other compatibility agents are more easily dispersed.


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