The Use Of PTFE In Powder Coatings

2022-10-27   Pageview:301

The use of ptfe in powder coatings? PFTE micropowder is a low molecular weight powder that can be well dispersed in dry or liquid. It can be used as a lubricant, as a rubber additive, and can be added to engineering plastics to improve the wear resistance of engineering plastics. to reduce the coefficient of friction.

ptfe micropowder

PTFE micropowder can be used as an additive to modify wear resistance, scratch resistance and friction coefficient; improve blocking resistance, enhance lubricating performance, and improve mold release; can be used for architectural construction coatings, Waterproof and wear-resistant.

There are many types of fluoropolymers that can be used to prepare powder coatings, such as polytetrafluoroene. The melting point of polytetrafluoroene is as high as 327 °C, which can be used for a long time in the range of -250 to 250 °C. In addition, it has excellent resistance to Corrosive, not even in working water, excellent dielectric properties, extremely low friction coefficient and self-lubrication, so it is known as the “Plastic King”. It is widely used in petroleum oil, chemical anti-corrosion coating, sealing, bearing lubricating material, electronic and electrical materials, ship launching rail and non-stick pan coating, etc.

TIANSHI PTFE-0155, PTFE-0154, PTFE-0148, PTFE-0146… There are dozens of ptfe micropowders, with an annual output of 9,000 tons of PTFE micropowder, which meets the application requirements of dozens of industries. The function of ptfe micropowder is Very powerful and plays an important role in powder coating coatings.


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