Tianswax TS5115 vs Sasol H1

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Sasol H1/C105/SX105 is offered by SASOL/SHELL. Fischer-Tropsch high melting point wax available in coarse powder and pastille form.

TS-5115 is offered by tianswax,  which has high hardness and whiteness, low viscosity, concentrated molecular weight distribution, and good thermal stability.

Technical Parameters

TS-5115 Sasol  H1 Sasol  C105 Shell  SX105
Appearance white bead white bead white bead white bead
Melting point ℃ 110-116 112 117 116
Freezing point DSC ℃ 100-105 96-100 102-108 102-105
Penetration (25℃) 10-1mm <1 <1 <1 <1
Penetration (65℃) 10-1mm <12 <25 7-12 4


TS-5115 Hot melt adhesive         Textiles                          Printing inks, pigments, varnishes and coatings Polishing agent
Sasol  H1 Hot melt adhesives
Beads and scrubs
Mould release
Household and consumer goods
Personal care
Sasol  C105 Hot melt adhesives
Shell  SX105 Cosmetics

Tianshiwax is the most professional and largest manufacturer for micronized waxes as well as a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of specialty micronized wax powders in China. We are very familiar with most wax products, for can and coil coatings application, tianswax TS-5115 is a good alternative of Sasol H1.

Dispersing agent Fischer-Tropsch Wax TS-5115 Name: Fischer-Tropsch Wax Model: TS-5115 Chemical Composition: FT Wax

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