Application of 972 water-based adhesion promoter

2021-11-18   Pageview:310

1,  972 can be used as adhesion promoter for plastic film ink, coating, water-based paper-plastic adhesive.
2,  972 is used in adhesive formulations to bond PP, PE PVC, PA, PPO, PU, paper, aluminum foil, copper, stainless steel, etc.
3, 972 can be used as a component of primer for plastic film coating, which has good adhesion, moisture resistance and coating stability.
4, 972 can be added to our formulation system by adding into our formulation system. Due to the difference of system, we suggest customers to make a good compatibility test before use.














At present, the commonly used anti-caking agent (dispersing agent or loosening agent) for powder coatings on the market is the special loosening agent ZS501 of Hangzhou Zhongshun Chemical Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. The dosage is 0.8%~1.0% of the total formula; Hubei Hongtu Chemical Industry Product Co., Ltd.’s dry powder flow agent 445, the appearance is white particles or powder, the relative density is 1.12~1.17, the solvay ptfe dispersion moisture content is less than 0.3%, the melting range is 112~175℃, the addition amount in the formula is 0.5%~0.6% of the total formula .
There are many manufacturers and suppliers of fumed silica, including Tianjin Chemical Industry Research Institute, Zhejiang Jinhua Kehong White Carbon Black Research Institute, Wuxi Wanli Coating Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tianlong Chemical Co., Ltd. and other units. In addition, ACE MATTS 100 of degussa company, M-5, EH-5, TS-720, TS-610, and TS-530 type fumed silica of German CABOT company can also be used. In recent years, a mixture of fumed alumina and fumed silica has also begun to be used. The product specifications of TMS series fumed silica of Tianjin Research Institute of Chemical Industry are shown in Table 25-10; the product specifications of fumed silica for powder coatings from Degussa Company and CABOT Company.

Anti-sagging agent and corner coverage improver
When the powder coating is melted, leveled and solidified into a film after electrostatic spraying, because the melt viscosity of the molten powder coating is too low, the coating film sags or the corner coverage is poor at the vertical bottom or corners of the coated object. In order to overcome this phenomenon, the additives added are called anti-sagging agents or corner coverage improvers.


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