Application Of Wax Emulsion In Coatings

2022-10-27   Pageview:360

The application of wax emulsion in paint? Polyene wax additives for coatings are of different types according to different fields, and the problems they solve are also different. Generally, in the field of coatings, what problems can wax emulsions solve in coatings?

wax dispertions

1. Releasability: For metal substrates, such as cast iron, cast aluminum, and zinc, they avoid the need for small molecular substances, and the problem solved by polyene wax is the pores, Coating defects such as blisters and pits.
2. Improve the leveling property: Since it is of the same type as the leveling agent used in powder coatings, it has better wetting effect in resin-coated fillers and pigments.
3. Improve the smoothness of coating fillers: Basically, every wax powder has the effect of improving the smoothness of the powder and increasing the storage stability of the coating. Add a small amount of polyethylene wax, after extrusion, it is not easy to stick to the cooling roller.
4. Control the gloss: During baking, the wax will float to the surface of the coating film and form a fog, thus reducing the gloss. The wax emulsion can maintain the gloss of the paint surface at a certain temperature. .
5. Abrasion-resistant, anti-scratch, anti-abrasion: The wax is distributed on the surface of the coating film to protect the coating film, prevent scratches, abrasions and provide abrasion resistance. Generally, acrylic modified wax and polytetrafluoroene wax are added, which are especially effective for dark flat formulas and low-gloss sand texture formulas.
The particle size of wax emulsion auxiliaries is small, generally speaking, the smaller the particle size, the better the gloss, the larger the particle size, the better the abrasion resistance.


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