Application of polyethylene wax in varnish

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Water-based varnish is a kind of water-based varnish mainly consists of three categories: main agent, solvent and auxiliary agent. Polyethylene wax is used to enhance the gloss, water resistance and abrasion resistance of the printed surface, which is widely used in cigarette packaging.

Polyethylene wax emulsion is a very important part in the water-based varnish system. PE wax emulsion manufacturer – tianshiwax offers types of wax emulsion include paraffin wax emulsion and polyethylene wax emulsion, which can effectively enhance the abrasion resistance of water-based varnish, prevent sticking, and give the printed products a skin feel.

Modified Paraffin Wax Emulsion LW-102 Name: Wax Emulsion Model Number: LW-102 Chemical Composition: Modified Paraffin Wax

1, Solve water-based varnish viscosity

Water-based varnish reference dilution viscosity is 20%, excessive dilution will reduce the gloss and wear resistance, adding wax emulsion can extend the varnish use period, the storage temperature of 5 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ is appropriate.

2,Solve the brightness of water-based varnish

Water-based varnish used in food, drugs, playing cards, tobacco, children’s toys and other printing packaging, packaging brightness can not meet the requirements, so you can appropriately increase the amount of water-based varnish in the addition of brightener, water-based varnish increased to the system in order to achieve the brightness requirements.After adding wax emulsion used in the paint can improve the water resistance of the paint film and resistance to heat and back stickiness, anti-scratch, increase the smoothness of the paint film feel.

3, Solve water-based varnish wear resistance

Adding polyethylene wax emulsion in the production process of water-based varnish gives water-based varnish high abrasion and scuff resistance and high matting effect; wax emulsion can give OPV varnish high gloss, high abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and other properties.


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