3 kinds of protective waxes for rubber

2021-06-02   Pageview:1039

Rubber protective wax is a special wax formulated and processed to protect rubber products from aging by light, oxygen and ozone. Protection principle is to add rubber protective wax to the rubber material when it is prepared, so that it dissolves in the rubber material and reaches a certain saturation.

When the rubber are affected by temperature, the rubber protective wax in the rubber products is also affected by the outside temperature and migrates to the surface of the rubber (the process of migration is from low temperature to high temperature, from low carbon to high carbon). Forming a kind of wax film on the surface of the rubber with smooth surface, uniform thickness, good confinement, tight structure, strong toughness, elasticity and strong adhesion and not easy to fall off.

As the formation of wax film on the surface of rubber products strongly curb the erosion and aging of light, oxygen and ozone on the surface of rubber products, prevent the surface layer of rubber products from cracking, so as to prolong their service life of the role.

Suitable chemical antioxidants should be added to the rubber formulation also.

What is a rubber protective wax? Rubber protective waxes are intrinsically structured according to the temperature range of the rubber product and its ability to contain ozone attack. According to the needs and adaptability of rubber materials for anti-aging, the intrinsic structure of various petroleum waxes and microcrystalline waxes is determined and screened, and a rubber protective wax composed of different families, melting points and fractions, but with a certain carbon number distribution structure and content, is processed and combined. Synthetic paraffin wax manufacturerd by tianshiwax  is the high quality raw material for rubber protective wax industry.

There are four types of rubber protective waxes, namely medium temperature protective wax, medium and high temperature protective wax, high temperature protective wax and all-weather protective wax. Microcrystalline wax has the characteristics of good luster, high melting point and light color, its structure is tight, firm and smooth, and can interfuse with various natural waxes, and can increase the melting point of its low waxes and improve the performance of crude waxes. Microcrystalline wax itself is as white as jade, rubbed and shiny.


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