Effect Of PE Wax On PVC Surface

2024-03-19   Pageview:47

The effect of PE wax on the PVC surface. Compared with fatty acid lubricants, PE wax will not have an adverse effect on the melt tension and Vicat softening point, and provides excellent anti-adhesion and flow control functions. P wax can be used to control melting in special processing methods. Even if the added amount is large, it can have good compatibility with other ingredients.

The surface brightness of PVC pipe profiles produced with polyethylene wax is very good, because the softening point of polyethylene wax itself is high, and under high temperature conditions, polyethylene wax will only become liquid and polymer If the viscosity of polyolefin wax is high, the dispersion is not good, but the brightness is very good; if the viscosity of the polyethylene wax is low, the dispersion is very good, but the brightness is not bad.

Advantages of special polyethylene wax for PVC products:
1. High softening point, low viscosity, large molecular weight and small heat loss.
2. It has strong external lubrication effect. Compared with ordinary polyethylene wax, it can delay plasticization and reduce torque.
3. It is easy to disperse and improves the gloss of the product.
4. Good compatibility and resistance to precipitation.
5. Good mold release, good metal peelability, and long continuous production time.
6. It has good thermal stability in the later stage and does not contain oligomers, waxes, etc. No precipitation or migration.
7. Environmentally friendly, passed ROHS and heavy metal testing.
8. Shrinkage marks and barrel temperature: For the same set of molds, under different process conditions, the degree of shrinkage marks on the T-shaped structure surface of the profile section is obviously different. It has been found many times during production that the shrinkage marks High melt temperatures reduce shrinkage marks.

TIANSHI polyethylene wax(PE Wax) products can effectively control the plasticization of PVC to achieve optimal processing and physical properties. Compared with other wax materials, the volatile matter in the vent and mold is reduced, thereby reducing environmental problems during the extrusion process. Tianshi polyethylene wax is a high-quality wax that has the same characteristics as fully refined paraffin wax The same torque plasticizing effect improves output.


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