Polyurethane catalyst DY-1P

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Polyurethane catalyst DY-1P : Bis(dimethylaminoethyl) ether, high efficiency foaming catalyst.
















In the crystal structure of wollastonite, the octahedron of CaO is connected to an infinite length of Ca-O octahedral true chain with an edge and corner, which is the pivot of wollastonite. The silica chain composed of SiO tetrahedron and this pivot The edges of the shaft are connected or connected to the free oxygen apex of the Ca-O octahedron.
Wollastonite belongs to the triclinic strain, a=90*00′, β=95*16′, y=103*32′. Natural wollastonite mostly appears in the shape of a large number of thick leaves, and it is rare to see a good crystal form, often needle-like or fibrous, and even fine particles are fibrous.

The color of wollastonite is white, with low wet expansion, low oil absorption, and low power consumption. The thermal expansion coefficient is 6.5×10’℃-, the Mohs hardness is 4.5~5.0, the relative density is 2.8, and the melting point is 1540. ℃, refractive index 1.62.

Wollastonite can be used as extender pigment and extender in various fireproof coatings. Because it can increase the bright tone of white paint, and can maintain this tone for a long time. The needle-like crystal structure of wollastonite makes it a good flattening agent for coatings and can improve the leveling of coatings. The particle shape of wollastonite can also be used as a good suspending agent for coatings, making the precipitation of fire-resistant coatings soft and easy to disperse. In addition, it can also be used as a reinforcing agent in fireproof coatings. Due to the low oil absorption of wollastonite, it has a high filling capacity, which can make the coating become less wood. Wollastonite powder is highly alkaline, which is very suitable for polyvinyl acetate fire retardant coatings, and can evenly disperse the colored pigments. Wollastonite also has the ability to improve the corrosion resistance of metal coatings.

In addition, wollastonite is used in fire-resistant coatings to improve the wear resistance and weather resistance of the coating. Due to its flake and fibrous structure, the flakes overlap in the coating film. polytetrafluoroethylene wax products In addition to increasing the sealing property of the coating film, it is still It has a strong ability to reflect ultraviolet rays, thereby improving the aging resistance of the coating film.

Wollastonite powder is used in latex coatings (appropriate to account for 5% of the total formula), which can replace part of the titanium dioxide, while the whiteness and hiding power will not decrease. In addition to being used in water-based fire-resistant coatings, wollastonite can also be used in solvent-based fire-resistant coatings.


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