The Role Of PTFE Powder In Thermoset Web Offset Printing

2022-11-21   Pageview:204

PTFE powder is used in thermosetting web offset printing. Thermosetting web offset printing ink is a kind of web offset printing ink. After printing, the ink oil can be quickly volatilized and the ink film can be quickly fixed to dry ink. Printed materials such as quality books, business advertisements, color newspapers, travel brochures, advertising catalogues and periodicals are widely used.

ptfe micropowder

The heat-set web offset printing ink dries the printed product quickly through the heating drying device on the heat-set web press to meet the purpose of high-speed printing. The heat-set rotary printing press installs an integrated drying device on the rotary printing press, and the printed product passes through the drying device to quickly volatilize the solvent in the ink to achieve rapid drying.

Commonly used drying methods are coal flame method, thermal method and far infrared method. The heat-set web offset press utilizes the comprehensive advantages of modular structure, innovative technology and high degree of automation to form the characteristics of high-speed printing, high quality and high production efficiency under low-cost operation , which meets printers’ requirements for production flexibility, print quality and productivity.

The printing speed of the thermosetting rotary printing machine can reach 8m/s. The biggest feature of its printing is high speed, which requires the viscosity of the ink to be much lower than that of the sheet-fed ink, but it is easy to be too low. It leads to excessive emulsification and inking phenomenon under high shear. Therefore, the resin binder used in the ink should balance the relationship between viscoelasticity, molecular weight distribution and solubility. It should have high molecular weight and viscoelasticity, so as to effectively balance the relationship between the viscosity and fluidity of the ink, and improve the emulsification performance and ink performance of the ink under high-speed printing conditions.

What role does PTFE micropowder play in fixed rotary offset printing? Offset rotary thermosetting ink refers to the ink that can quickly volatilize the ink oil and quickly fix the ink film after printing. The main function of wax powder is to improve the abrasion resistance and reduce the viscosity of the ink.


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