Leveling agent for coating vs wax

2021-09-06   Pageview:589

A typical reactive silicone handfeel agent for coating systems with excellent soft touch to enhance the long-lasting surface slip of the coating film.

Product data
Coating leveling agent – silicone feel agent 3530
Composition: reactive organic modified polydimethylsiloxane
Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
Active ingredient: ≥95%
Viscosity: 50-100 cps












Application areas
1, High-gloss wood topcoat, matte wood topcoat
2, Plastic coating, leather coating
3, Paper coating, baking paint
4, UV coating

Main functions
1, Increasing the delicate and soft hand feeling of the coating and improving the abrasion resistance slipperiness.
2, Good miscibility, does not affect the gloss, does not make the coating film white and foggy, improve the permeability of the paint. micronized amide wax rheology modifier can improve the performance of paint.
3, Good substrate wettability, fast leveling, with the effect of auxiliary defoaming.
4, When using in recoating system, please test the feasibility first.

Adding method and dosage
In order to disperse evenly, please try to dilute first and then use.
Adding amount depends on the coating system, generally 0.05-0.3 % for the full amount.


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