Wear resistance test on Engineering Plastics

2021-02-23   Pageview:740

Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technologies Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Tianshi for short) established an engineering plastics application laboratory in 2012,equipped with more than 20 units of testing equipment and instruments.

In the application of PTFE micropowder, since many manufacturers are unable to carry out wear resistance test and evaluation, they have to submit it to a third-party agency for testing at a high cost. According to the requirements of GB/T 3960-2016 Plastics ― Test method for friction and wear by sliding, Nanjing Tianshi purchased wear resistance equipment, provided wear resistance test for customers for free, and solved the difficulty of wear resistance performance evaluation for customers.

Performance test on plastics: tensile strength, bending strength, impact strength,flame retardancy, etc.

PTFE micropowder test:

In practical application, we mainly focus on the particle size distribution, whiteness, temperature resistance, etc. of PTFE micropowder.

The fluidity of PTFE micropowder is very important for its wear resistance modification, which directly affects its addingmethod and wear resistance performance.

Nanjing Tianshi has strict quality control over PTFE micropowder, monitors and tests these key indicators in real time.

Particle size test: temperature resistance test: fluidity test: melting point test: whiteness test:










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