Offset Printing Specific Requirements For PTFE Micropowder Applications

2022-11-22   Pageview:332

The specific requirements for the application of PTFE micropowder in offset printing. PTFE micropowder is widely used in printing inks, paints and coatings due to its excellent properties, which can improve the scratch resistance and abrasion resistance of the surface. , Increase slippage, stick back resistance, non-fit, improve feel and so on.

ptfe micropowder

PTFE micropowder can improve the anti-blocking and anti-fouling properties in ink, can control the gloss of printing ink, prevent pigment sedimentation, and at the same time cooperate with matt powder to produce high-performance matt ink and paint, etc., has become a paint, An indispensable and important additive in ink production.

What is the offset printing ink printing method? Offset printing is the most important printing method at present, which is characterized by the need to use fountain solution in the printing process, so offset printing ink requires good water resistance.
Why should PTFE micropowder be added in ink printing? In terms of printing inks, PTFE micropowder is used as an additive to add offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing inks. The general dosage is 0.1%-3% of the solid, which can obviously improve the sliding property, surface smoothness and gloss of the ink, and make the printed product resistant to friction. And it can effectively avoid paper sticking.

The addition of PTFE micropowder (wax) to printing ink can improve the water resistance and rheology of the ink, such as adjusting the viscosity, making the ink loose and the ink filament short; increasing the fixing ability, making the dots of the printed product clear and complete, reducing Dirt and agglomerate; improve smoothness to ensure normal printing; and after printing on the substrate, it can float on the ink film to increase abrasion resistance.

Offset printing, lithography, flexo printing and gravure printing inks can all use PTFE micropowder. The reference amount is 1-3%, which is subject to the actual formula design. Usually the amount of PTFE micropowder used in lithographic ink formulations is 1%, and high-performance magazine cover inks can use more PTFE micropowder. Add Tianshi PTFE micropowder.


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