Application of wax additives in water-based paint

2021-05-31   Pageview:877

Water-based paint is mainly made of water-based acrylic and water-based polyurethane and refined through strict production process standards. It is suitable for the protection of wood, metal, and plastic products, and can play a role in decoration, protection and extension of service life.

High-quality water-based paint requires wax additives.

Application of wax in water-based paint:
1. Improve the brightness and transparency of the paint film surface.
2. Improve the surface feel and yellowing resistance of the paint film.
3. Improve the anti-sticking property of the paint film, high temperature water resistance.
4. Reduce the surface brightness of the paint film and resist scratches.
5. Does not affect repainting.

Tianshi wax powder main product:
HDPE high-density polyethylene wax: high brightness, scratch resistance, good hand feeling performance.
LDPE low-density polyethylene wax: good hand feel, brightness, transparent.


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