The Role Of Wax In PVC Extrusion

2023-03-01   Pageview:286

The role of wax in PVC extrusion molding. Wax has many uses and is widely used in hot melt adhesives, plastic lubrication, mold release, pipes, profiles, inks, coatings, glazing wax, colorants, rubber, Candles, textiles, etc.

1. Commonly used PVC heat stabilizers, lubricants, anti-impact agents, processing aids, pigments and other additives for different purposes are formulated according to product performance requirements, while ensuring product quality and processing technology requirements Under the premise, the formulation cost should be reduced as much as possible.
2. Lubricant is one of the most important factors affecting the processing of PVC resin hard products. It is mainly to improve the fluidity of PVC resin processing and the release property of products, and to prevent adhesion in the machine or in the mold. Manufacturing Defects.
3. Due to the polar molecular structure of PVC resin, the force between molecular chains is strong, and it is easy to decompose under the action of heat, light, oxygen and high shear force during processing.

Lubricants need to be added during the processing of PVC resin. The addition of internal lubricants weakens the force between PVC molecules, reduces the generation of internal friction heat, and makes it easy to plasticize. The addition of polyolefin wax external lubricant reduces the friction and adhesion between PVC and steel, regulates the plasticization rate, improves the fluidity of PVC processing, and makes it easy to melt and form.


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