What Is The Difference Between Microcrystalline Wax And PE Wax?

2023-10-09   Pageview:177

What is the difference between microcrystalline wax and PE wax? Nanjing Tianshi has more than 100 sets of professional equipment and has successfully developed spherical micron powder wax, water-based micron powder wax, polytetrafluoroethylene micron powder, sand grain wax, oxidized wax, wax emulsion, etc. A series of more than 100 wax additive products.

PE wax is polyethylene wax (PE-WAX), an ultra-low molecular weight polyethylene. Polyethylene waxes are generally divided into four types: oligomer wax, cracked wax, polymerized wax and blended wax. Domestic production is generally oligomer wax, while other cracked waxes, polymerized waxes and blended waxes are mainly produced abroad. In theory, the performance of polymerized wax is better than that of cracked wax. The specific use depends on the compatibility of the product. It is generally used to improve the fluidity of polyolefin plastics, improve the dispersion of fillers and additives, and is also used as an internal lubricant for rubber and plastic materials.

Microcrystalline wax is a refined synthetic wax with similar microcrystalline properties. It has the characteristics of good luster, high melting point and light color. It has a tight structure, is strong and smooth, can melt with various natural waxes, and can improve its Low melting point of wax, improves the performance of crude wax. Microcrystalline wax itself is as white as stone and shines when rubbed, which has a very beneficial effect on the production of light-colored products. It is mainly composed of C30-50 cycloalkanes and a small amount of normal and isoparaffins. They have high melting point and amorphous characteristics. The melting point of microcrystalline wax is generally 54.4OC-90.6’C. Compared with stone wax, microcrystalline wax is tough and not easy to break. Most grades of microcrystalline wax are malleable. In terms of color, microcrystalline wax is creamy white or light yellow.


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