The roles of Micronized PTFE powder

2021-07-29   Pageview:415

1, Micronized PTFE powder can be used as solid lubricant alone or as additive for plastic, rubber, coating, ink, lubricant, grease, etc. When mixed with plastic or rubber, it can be used in various typical powder processing methods, such as co-blending, etc. The addition amount is 5-20%.

2, Adding Micronized PTFE powder in oil and grease can reduce the friction coefficient, and just adding a few percent can improve the life of lubricant. Its organic solvent dispersion can also be used as a mold release agent.

3, Adding micronized PTFE and PFOA free in the coating can get a variety of high-performance coatings to meet the needs of industrial development of the coating industry, and the amount of micronized powder added generally in 5‰-3% is sufficient. Main role is to improve the viscosity and lubricity of the coating, reduce the coefficient of friction and improve wear resistance, improve corrosion resistance and reduce moisture absorption, improve the spray casting performance of the coating, improve the critical film thickness and improve thermoforming properties.

A 30% content of Micronized PTFE powder in marine anti-fouling coatings can effectively prevent mollusks from attaching to the bottom of ships. Coating series with PTFE powder mainly include polyimide, polyethersulfone and polyphenylene sulfide, etc. After baking at high temperature, they still show good anti-adhesive property, and the performance will not change with continuous high temperature use. As anti-adhesive coating is widely used in food and packaging industry, also can be used in household appliances, drinking utensils, anti-chemical corrosion of metal parts, automotive and electronic parts, etc., especially automobiles, household appliances and daily necessities, industrial production also has very good application prospects.

4, Adding Micronized PTFE powder to lubricant and grease can improve the high pressure and high temperature lubrication performance of the material. Even if the base oil is lost, PTFE powder can also play the role of dry lubricant. Micronized PTFE powder added to silicone oil, mineral oil or paraffin oil, can significantly improve the viscosity of oil, the amount of PTFE powder added depends on the viscosity of the base oil and the consistency of the required lubricant and application area, usually the amount added is 5%~30% (mass fraction).

5, Micronized PTFE powder added to grease, rosin, mineral oil, can get high quality lubricant. Widely used in ball bearings, wear-resistant bearings, lubricated guide rails, sliding rods, open gears, valves of chemical equipment, sealing paste of precision machining planes, etc.

6, Micronized PTFE powder can also do dry lubricant like graphite and molybdenum disulfide with excellent effect, and mixed with propane and butane together can be used as non-stick and anti-wear injection, rocket additive, etc. Micronized PTFE powder can also be used as an effective grease thickener in lubricant.

Micronized PTFE Wax PTFE-0104 Name: Micronized PTFE Wax Model Number: PTFE-0104 Chemical Composition: PTFE

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