Advantages of anti-settling polyamide wax SG720

2021-12-10   Pageview:364

1, Good flow and leveling properties.
2, Long-term anti-sagging and anti-settling properties.
3, minimal or no crystallization, reduced gloss, and excellent adhesion of the inner coating.
4, Forms an effective thixotropic structure.
5, Thermally stable.
6, Suitable for use in a wide range of solvent-based coatings.
















Under this new situation, the content of “Powder Coating and Coating Technology” (Second Edition) is far from meeting the needs of the current powder coating and coating industry technology and production development. In order to keep up with the needs of the rapid development of the powder coating and coating industry in my country, the Chemical Industry Press has decided to publish the “Powder Coating and Coating Technology” (Second Edition) after revision. Technology” (Second Edition).

In the third edition, the editor updated the relevant production data of the powder coating industry, adding the content of special powder coatings such as thermal transfer powder coatings, powder coatings for non-metallic materials, and for the new powder coating raw materials and additives in recent years. A lot of updates have been made. In the powder wood coating painting part, new contents such as nano-ceramicization spot treatment, silane treatment (film) agent treatment, nano-ceramicization/silane composite treatment agent treatment, etc. have been added, and the relevant standards and methods for wax for powder coating inspection have been updated.

This book comprehensively introduces the general situation of powder coatings and coatings at home and abroad, detailed introduction of the classification and varieties of powder coatings, a large number of basic formulations of powder coatings; also discussed the basic ideas of powder coating formulation design: detailed introduction The classification of powder coating manufacturing equipment and production processes, and powder coating methods; focuses on the electrostatic powder coating equipment and technology; the safety and sanitation of powder coatings and coatings; also introduces powder coatings and coating films The inspection method.

Some of the content in the wooden book is based on the author’s nearly 40 years of experience and experience in the research and production of powder coatings and coatings since the 1970s. This book is not only suitable for first-line workers, engineering and technical personnel and management personnel engaged in powder coating and coating production, but also suitable for engineering and technical personnel engaged in powder coating research and development and students and faculty of coating and coating majors in colleges and universities. Work as a reference book reading.


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