How to choose a matting agent with high matting efficiency

2021-09-22   Pageview:193

(1) Select the product with larger average particle size. The larger the average particle size of the matting agent, the higher the matting efficiency. However, if the particles are too large, it will lead to too rough surface of the paint film, affecting the feel and appearance.
2) Choose products with higher porosity (pore capacity). The larger the porosity, the higher the powder content per unit weight, the better the matting performance.















In the coating, the polymer wetting and dispersing agent will be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment in the form designed by people. In addition, resins, solvents, and other active compounds may be adsorbed on the surface of the pigment. For example, alkyd resins with strong polarity will also use their own active groups (hydroxyl or carboxyl groups) to be adsorbed on the pigment. On the surface, but its adsorption morphology may be shown in Figure (a) or Figure (i). They do not have a fixed form like polymer wetting and amide wax test dispersing agents.

The low molecular weight wetting and dispersing agent has few adsorption points, and it will take on the form of figure (b), (h), (k). Because these dispersants are mostly recommended for inorganic pigments, they will react with the remaining chemical bonds on the surface of the pigment to form new surface salts. Although there are few adsorption points, it will also have a strong firmness. Organic pigments are different. They lack active centers like inorganic pigments, and their adsorption fastness is not strong. Therefore, these low molecular weight wetting and dispersing additives are not recommended for organic pigments.

The adsorption fastness and adsorption morphology of the compound on the surface of the pigment particles, and the degree of freedom of chain extension will affect the thickness of the adsorption layer, resulting in the inability to fully exert the steric hindrance effect.


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