Principle of paint defoamer

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1, Defoamer can be formed at the stage when the foam is not formed or after: after adding defoamer, the uniformly dispersed defoamer will penetrate into the elastic film of the foam and distribute in the foam film, and the reduction of surface tension leads to the rupture of the thin layer.

2, The uniformly dispersed defoamer penetrates into the thin layer of foam and forms a single molecule film, which reduces its adhesion and makes it easy for the thin layer to break.










3, Antifoams containing hydrophobic particles have a third mechanism. These hydrophobic particles start to adsorb surfactant at the top of the thin layer when they reach the surface of the thin layer. The foam breaks up due to the gradual disappearance of the surfactant.

All coatings that use water as solvent or as dispersion medium can be called water-based coatings. Water-based coatings include water-soluble coatings, water-dilutable coatings, and water-dispersible coatings (emulsion coatings).

Water-soluble coatings are water-soluble resins as film-forming substances, represented by polyvinyl alcohol and its various modifications, in addition to water-soluble alkyd resins, water-soluble epoxy resins and inorganic polymer water-based resins, etc. Water-dilutable coatings are coatings formulated by post-emulsification emulsions as film-forming substances, so that solvent-based resins are dissolved in organic solvents, and then the resins are dispersed in water to form emulsions with the help of emulsifiers by strong mechanical stirring, called post-emulsification emulsions, and the coatings made can be diluted with water during construction.

Water ptfe dispersion producers coating mainly refers to the coating formulated with synthetic resin emulsion as the film-forming substance. Emulsion refers to the dispersion emulsion composed of small particle clusters dispersed in water by polymerization of unsaturated vinyl monomer under certain temperature conditions in the presence of emulsifier and in the process of mechanical stirring.

The paint prepared by adding a little emulsion to the water-soluble resin cannot be called emulsion paint. Strictly speaking, water diluted paints cannot be called latex paints either, but it is customary to classify them as latex paints.


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