Oxidized Polyethylene Wax(OPE) Slurry For UV

2024-01-16   Pageview:161

Oxidized polyethylene wax slurry is used in UV. Tianshi oxidized polyethylene wax slurry is used in UV coatings to play a matting effect. It has the advantages of good matting performance, no oil absorption, and no foaming when stirred.

Product features of ope wax slurry for UV coating:
1. It has very good feel and scratch resistance.
2. Can be used in solvent-based systems to enhance wear resistance.
3. It has relatively long-lasting sensory retention.

Instructions for using wax slurry:
1. Shake the UV matting wax slurry well before using it to confirm the flow state of the product.
2. It is best to roughly filter it before adding it to the paint.
3. Avoid overheating or overcooling, and avoid overheating caused by high-speed stirring.

This product is widely used in UV coatings, inks, and lacquers to improve hand feel. Tianshi matting wax slurry can improve the fluidity of the paint film surface and produce a silky feel. Easily dispersed in the paint film, improving wear resistance and scratch resistance. Used in UV systems, it can significantly improve the feel of the paint film. Suitable for UV plastic paint, mobile phone casing paint, cosmetic box paint, computer key paint and other UV furniture coatings, inks, polyurethane coatings, etc.


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