Maleic anhydride grafted polypropylene wax (MPP wax)

2022-04-07   Pageview:931

Coupling, dispersing lubrication, compatibilizer, improving adhesion, grafting rate 8%

Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polypropylene Wax (MPP Wax) Physical Properties
Grafting rate: 8%

Softening point: 158℃

Dropping point: 160℃

Penetration (dmm): <1

Density (25℃g/cm³): 0.943

Viscosity (cps@190℃): 200-300

Average molecular weight: 3000-8000

Appearance: light yellow round particles

Applications of maleic anhydride grafted wax
1. Polymer coupling agent: used to fill and modify PP materials such as wood flour, wood fiber, glass fiber, talc, calcium carbonate, mica, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, etc., to improve and improve the interface between PP matrix and filler compatibility and adhesion. It can greatly improve the mechanical properties and thermal resistance of composite materials.
2. Dispersing lubricant: used to enhance the polarity of PP, a small amount of addition can significantly improve the dyeability and paintability of PP, and modify PP spinning dyeing masterbatch; used for pp filling masterbatch to improve surface finish and resist Fuel masterbatch, color masterbatch, degradable masterbatch, transparent masterbatch, drawing masterbatch, etc.; due to the strong interaction between maleic anhydride grafted pp wax and pigments, fuel flame retardants, etc., it can promote pigments, dyes, Dispersion of flame retardant in pp resin carrier. The addition of PA6, PA66 and other polyolefins also has obvious modification effect.
3. Polymer compatibilizer: used in PP/PA, PP/PE, PA/PE and other alloys, adding 1-5% can significantly improve the compatibility and affinity of the phase interface. (Generally, the amount of addition is about 5%, and the application manufacturer conducts experiments to determine the amount of addition according to the actual formula and product requirements. According to the test results, add 5% to PA/PP alloys, and add 5-10% to PA/PP alloys. The alloy compatibility can be solved excellently, and the adhesion of the alloy to other materials is also very good.)
4. Adhesive: The alloy with maleic anhydride grafted PP wax not only improves the properties of the body, but also significantly improves the adhesion when it is bonded with other materials (such as with nylon glue), and has extremely strong adhesion. bond strength.


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