What is color masterbatch? Why use color masterbatch?

2021-08-03   Pageview:313

Color masterbatch is a kind of aggregation made by evenly loading an extraordinary amount of pigment or dye into a resin.

There are several benefits of using masterbatches
1, Helps to maintain the chemical stability of the pigment and the stability of the color.
2. Better dispersion of the pigment in the plastic.
3. Protect the health of operators.
4. Simple process and easy color transfer.
5. Clean environment and non-staining utensils.
6. Save time and raw materials.

As the pigments are in direct contact with air during storage and use, moisture absorption, oxidation and agglomeration will occur, and direct use will result in color spots on the surface of plastic products, darkening the color, and easy fading of the color, as well as causing dust when mixing, which affects the health of operators.

In contrast, the masterbatches are mechanically processed during the production process to refine the pigments, mix the pigments with resin carriers and dispersants, and isolate the pigments from air and water, thus enhancing the weather resistance of the pigments, improving the dispersion and coloring power of the pigments, and brightening the color phase.

Since the masterbatches are similar to resin particles, it is more convenient and accurate to measure them, and they do not stick to the container when mixing, so it saves the time of cleaning the container and the machine as well as the raw materials used for cleaning the machine.

The basic component of masterbatch, dispersant, can make the pigment evenly dispersed and no longer coalesce. The melting point of dispersant should be lower than that of resin, with good compatibility with resin and good affinity with pigment. The most commonly used dispersants are: polyethylene low molecular wax and stearate.

Polyethylene wax for masterbatches can improve the fluidity and dispersibility of masterbatch processing; it can effectively enhance the coloring ability of pigments in masterbatches; and it can improve the surface gloss of masterbatch products.


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