The role of wax emulsions in water-based adhesives

2021-08-15   Pageview:614

The role of wax emulsion in water-based adhesives is mainly to enhance the adhesive bonding, heat sealing, improve open time, low temperature resistance and other effects, which are widely used in books, packaging, tapes, paper lamination, construction materials, footwear industry, automotive interior and exterior decoration and other fields.

 Wax emulsion in the application of water-based adhesives effect

1, Overflow wipable improved.

2, Improve the high and low temperature resistance and water resistance of the adhesive layer to prevent the open glue caused by the change of ambient temperature and humidity.

3, As OPE, MAPP and PE, PP film and other non-polar polymer structure is similar, sealant adhesion to plastic film, water-based varnish, etc. increased, and provide good affinity for plastic film.

Wax for hot melt adhesive paper improve paper adhesives can improve bonding performance and cohesion (adhesion, adhesion) with extended open time, etc.

Wax emulsion in addition to water-based adhesives have a very prominent role in the hot melt adhesive industry.  Wax as an important component of EVA environmental hot melt adhesive, not only affects the viscosity of EVA hot melt adhesive, softening point and other basic indicators, the bonding properties of hot melt adhesive, curing speed and temperature resistance and other indicators have an important impact.


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