Micronized PTFE Texture Wax PTFE-0129B

Product Detail

Technical Parameters:

Nature of the Products PTFE-0129B
Appearance Cotton-shaped
Melting Point ℃ 320

Characteristics and Purposes
Ø PTFE-0129B is pure PTFE texture wax for powder coating.
Ø Be added by inner extrusion, with the additional amount at 0.1-0.2%, it can provide you significant texture effect.

Content and Usage
Ø First mix the texture wax with barium sulfate, with the ratio from 1:8 to 1:10 to make pre-dispersion.
Ø Then mix the pre-dispersion with resin and pigment.

Packaging and Storage
Ø Drum, net weight: 25 kg / barrel.
Ø Heavy pressure is prohibited to avoid product agglomeration and uneasy dispersion.
Ø This product can not be stirred lonely under  strong power, to avoid agglomeration and uneasy dispersion.
Ø This product is non-dangerous goods. Please store in the place which is away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.
Ø Do not smoke while operating to avoid the cigarette burns into PTFE wax, for it can produce some toxic gases.


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