Dosage of epoxy accelerator DMP-30

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The recommended dosage is 3%-15% of the epoxy curing dosage (increasing the dosage of this product will speed up the curing speed and increase the brittleness of the cured product. Customers can use it as appropriate according to the performance requirements of the cured product).














Take Cognin’s additives as an example, the causes of defects in solvent-based paints and water-based paints and possible solutions.

Disponer 904S and Dispone r 903 of Deqian (Shanghai) Chemical Co., Ltd. can also be used as post-additive anti-floating and blooming additives for solvent coatings. According to reports, they are helpful in solving floating and blooming.

To solve the problem of floating color or referencing floating color, it is a common practice to add an improver to the base paint or color paste before mixing. But it must be noted that it is almost impossible to try to “correct” a system that has flocculated.

Application of chapter additives in solvent-based coatings
Now there are many manufacturers and varieties of paint additives. In the past, the domestic paint additives had a single variety and fewer suppliers, and the selection of additives, operation techniques and application technology also lacked sufficient experience and optimization technology. Compared with products without additives, users are more satisfied with the product performance after additives. At the same time, the coating industry develops more rapidly with the development of the national economy. This has led to the rapid increase in the use of paint additives in the country in recent years and the flock of manufacturers and suppliers. With the promotion and publicity of manufacturers and trade sellers, we can easily obtain information and products of various additives. In particular, the promotion method has evolved from the traditional face-to-face introduction to the current multi-directional, multi-channel, and bomb-type promotion. This makes it difficult for users to choose varieties with little difference, causing another kind of inconvenience or confusion. At the same time, changes in environmental regulations or formulation bodies, differences in coating methods and different substrates used will cause confusion for paint formulators when choosing additives.

To this end, in conjunction with the publication of this book and detailed introduction of various adjuvant monographs, this article focuses on the main factors of the coating formulation, explaining the timing of the addition of paint additives in the application process, the types of additives, the requirements and the background of their effects. , So that the paint formula designer can systematically and orderly combine the paint additives with the formulation design and production process, instead of looking for an additive when encountering a demand.


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