Introduction of coating thickener products

2021-08-22   Pageview:690

Since the introduction of water-soluble coating thickener, how many enterprises have recovered the loss, reduce the cost of producing coatings, technology is wealth.

The birth of water-soluble coating thickener in the 20th century has largely promoted the development of the coating industry, and has well solved the problem of environmental pollution of coating thickener at that time, and has the characteristics of thickening effect, convenient transportation, easy storage, easy preparation and use, clear outline, bright colors, etc.










It is a low-odor, solvent-free water-based non-ionic associative rheology modifier (hydrophobic modified polyurethane), providing good flow and leveling, uniform film-forming properties, glossy presentation and high thickening rate. Water-soluble coating thickeners are designed for low-odor, low-VOC non-solvent coatings and can be used in other coatings as well.

Specifically, its characteristics are summarized as follows.

1. Good can opening effect, thickening efficiency and splash resistance

2. Good flow and leveling, hiding power, uniform film formation and gloss presentation

3. Reduced equilibrium time, reduced regrouping, easy to handle production process, good compatibility wax



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