Floor coatings are classified by film-forming substances or uses

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1. Classification according to film-forming substances

Epoxy floor coatings: usually composed of epoxy resins, solvents and curing agents, pigments, additives, etc. This type of coatings contains many types of floor coatings, such as solvent-free self-leveling floor coatings, anti-corrosion floor coatings Floor coatings, wear-resistant wax floor coatings, anti-static floor coatings and water-based floor coatings, etc. Its main characteristics are strong adhesion with the cement base, resistance to water and other corrosive media, and good physical and mechanical properties of the coating film. It is the floor coating with the largest amount.

Polyurethane floor coating: It is composed of polyether resin, polyester resin, acrylate resin or epoxy resin as component A, and isocyanate as component B, because its coating film hardness and adhesion to the base layer are not as good as epoxy resin. There are few types of coatings, mainly elastic floor coatings and anti-skid floor coatings.

Methacrylic floor coating: methyl methacrylate (MMA) floor coating is based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) as the main resin binder and reactive monomers such as methyl methacrylate as the crosslinking agent. It is a new type of polymer material made by adding high melting point wax liquid, auxiliary supporting special powder, aggregate and auxiliary materials. This coating has many advantages such as fast curing, ultra-low temperature curing (-30℃), excellent weather resistance, green environmental protection and so on.

Polyurea floor coating: Polyurea floor is an elastomer formed by the reaction of cyanate ester component and amino compound component. Its coating is mainly composed of acetonitrile (MDI), polyether polyol, polyether polyamine. , amine chain extender, various functional additives, pigments and reactive diluents. Its advantages are high elasticity, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance; excellent adhesion to the base layer and surface anti-slip properties.

Other floor coatings: such as floor sealing coatings based on acrylate resins and chlorinated rubber, etc., are usually used as a treatment agent for cement or concrete surfaces, and play a sealing role to prevent the seepage of efflorescence or water vapor, thereby causing Conducive to paint application and protective coating during use.

2. Classification according to paint application

Ordinary floor coating: used for general decorative floors, with a certain decorative effect on the ground, no dust and easy to clean. It can also be used as an overall seamless floor in hospitals or pharmaceutical factories, making the environment clean and bright and easy to clean. and disinfection, etc.

Anti-static floor coating: It can discharge electrostatic charge, prevent accidents due to accumulation of electrostatic charge, shield electromagnetic interference and prevent dust adsorption, etc. It can be used for floor coating that requires anti-static, such as power plants, electronics factory workshops, fire Industrial products factory, computer room, etc.

Loadable floor coating: This type of floor coating has high bonding strength with the concrete base, and the compressive and tensile strength of the coating film is relatively high in India, and has good impact resistance, bearing capacity and wear resistance. Mainly used for floor coating in factory workshops and warehouses where heavy vehicles and forklifts travel.

Anti-corrosion floor coating: In addition to the various strength properties of load-bearing floor coatings, it can also resist the long-term corrosion effect of various corrosive media. It is used for painting the ground of various chemical plants, oil refineries, sanitary material plants, etc.

Anti-skid floor coating: The coating film has a high coefficient of friction and anti-skid performance. It is used for various floor coatings that require anti-skid. It is a type of floor coating that is undergoing rapid development and application.

Elastic floor coating: It is composed of elastic polyurethane. The coating film is elastic and comfortable to walk. It is used for coating in various sports venues, public places and some factory workshops.

Nuclear radiation-resistant floor coating: It has the properties of anti-radiation and radiation absorption to avoid the ground and related devices from being affected and damaged by nuclear radioactivity in extreme environments such as strong radiation, high temperature and high humidity, mainly used in reactors, nuclear power plants, and isotope experiments. rooms and other building floors susceptible to radioactive contamination.

Other floor coatings: For example, non-toxic floor coatings are made of non-toxic materials, and the coating film is non-toxic. It is used for floor coatings with high hygienic performance requirements in food factories and pharmaceutical factories.


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