7 uses of water-based polyethylene wax emulsion

2022-03-01   Pageview:842

7 uses of water-based polyethylene wax emulsion
1. Ideal surface protectant for water-based varnishes and water-based varnishes (metallic paint, wood paint, plastic paint, etc.) Similar functions are also used in the field of other polishes such as floor wax.

2. It can provide anti-friction and anti-scratch in products such as leather finishing agent, shoe wax, shoe cream, etc., increase smoothness and gloss, and improve hand feeling and polishing.

3. Textile softener and smoothing agent, increase the wear resistance and tear resistance of the fabric, increase the lubricity during sewing, increase the softness of the fabric hand, and can be used in printing paste.

4. It provides high melting point and good affinity for plastic film in water-based adhesives.

5. Coating lubricants, release agents and sizing agents for paper products.

6. Water-based mold release agent, which can be used in metal die-casting and other fields.

7. Surface organic modifier of matting powder, agriculture and other fields.


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