Application of PE wax in powder coating

2021-06-25   Pageview:444

Wax can play roles in all processes of powder coating curing. Whether it is matting or improving the performance of the coating. Different kinds of waxes play different roles in powder coatings.

1, Anti-scratch performance. Wax applied to powder coatings is to improve the surface performance of the coating, mainly including improving the smoothness of the coating, scratch resistance and improve the water resistance.

2, Degassing performance. Polyethylene wax can be used to influence the rheological performance of the coating, such as degassing, improving the leveling and matting ability, and changing the surface state of the coating, etc.

3, Improve the smoothness of the powder. Wax powder has the effect of improving the smoothness of powder and increasing the storage stability of coating. Add a small amount of wax additives, after extrusion, not easy to stick to the cooling roller.

4, Control gloss. As in baking, PE wax will float to the surface of the coating and form a mist, thus playing a role in reducing the effect of gloss.

5, Chemical resistance. The floating effect of wax forms a dense lipophilic layer on the surface of the coating, so it has better resistance to boiling water and superior resistance to salt water spray and other properties.

6, Control the coefficient of friction. The low friction coefficient of wax provides excellent slipperiness of the coating, which has special silk and soft touch due to different kinds of waxes, and it is also possible to prepare anti-pollution coatings due to its non-wetting property for other coatings.


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