Paraffin wax emulsions for leather finishing

2021-06-28   Pageview:2004

Paraffin wax emulsion formulation is a kind of wax and water containing uniform fluid made by physical modification of various waxes including petroleum wax, which is a stable emulsion of solid-oil-water multiphase dispersion system made by emulsification reaction of paraffin wax and several different kinds and performance emulsifiers and appropriate regulators.

Adding paraffin wax emulsion in leather finishing agent mainly fills the coating, improves the feel of the coating, wear-resisting, anti-adhesive and increases the gloss. In the early days, beeswax, carnauba wax, insect wax, white wax and montan wax were mainly used as raw materials to prepare emulsified wax, the production of these waxes is limited and the price is high.

Paraffin wax as the main raw material can greatly reduce the price of wax emulsion, and the use of the effect is not worse than natural wax, is the main additives to decorate high-grade leather, can give the leather a special brightness and wax sense.

It can be divided into soft wax and hard wax, which are used for the bottom, middle and top layer of leather respectively; from the ionic nature of the emulsion, it can be divided into non-ionic, anionic and cationic wax emulsion, which can be used with different ionic properties of finishing agents; from the dosage form, it can be made into emulsion type or solid emulsified wax.

All the products have good water solubility, stable emulsion, no delamination and no floating wax in long-term storage. It can be applied to various kinds of leather finishing, and the leather after finishing has soft and natural luster, rich and moist handfeel, and can improve the friction resistance of leather surface.


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