Application Experiment of PTFE in Lubricating Grease

2021-02-25   Pageview:392

Nanjing Tianshi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has a capacity of nearly 10,000 t/a of micropowder wax and PTFE micropowder, has a professional product R & D team and lubricating grease application laboratory.

Provide a variety of products of different types and different thickening capabilities for customers to choose,

With lower evaporation loss, the lubricating grease can have a longer service life,

With very high temperature resistance and strong thickening ability, the lubricating grease can maintain reliable lubrication performance at high temperature,

Steel mesh oil separation experiment to study the colloidal stability of grease after using different PTFE fine powder.

The extremely narrow particle size distribution and strict particle size control provide excellent processing performance and fine appearance effect for the lubricating grease.

Nanjing Tianshi strictly implements the ISO9001 Quality Management System and barcode management in the production process; in addition, the samples of raw materials and finished products inspected in each batch are retained for 2 years, so as to provide customers with stable quality products;

Nanjing Tianshi will be your professional partner in the lubricating grease industry.


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