Role of PTFE powder in grease

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) powder is added in grease, it can resist high temperature and pressure, and it will not lose grease due to high temperature and cause hard precipitates on mechanical devices during the whole process, so it will keep a very stable soft consistency.

I. Application range of ptfe micronized powder

Adding PTFE micronized powder in lubricating oil and grease can improve the high pressure and high temperature lubricating performance of the material. Even if the base oil is lost, PTFE micronized powder can also play the role of dry lubricant. PTFE micronized powder added to silicone oil, mineral oil or paraffin oil, can obviously improve the viscosity of the oil, the amount of PTFE micronized powder added depends on the viscosity of the base oil and the consistency of the required lubricant and the application area, usually add 5% to 30%. PTFE micronized powder added to grease, rosin, mineral oil, can get high quality Lubricants, currently widely used in ball bearings, wear-resistant bearings, lubricated guide rails, sliding rods, open gears, chemical equipment valves, sealing paste for precision machining planes, etc. In addition, PTFE micronized powder can also be used as dry lubricant like graphite and molybdenum disulfide with excellent effect, and mixed with propane and butane together can be used as non-stick and anti-wear spraying agent, rocket additive, etc.

Besides, PTFE micronized powder can also be used as an effective grease thickener in lubricants.

II, the performance advantages of ptfe micropowder

1. It has a great temperature range from -300 degrees to 340 degrees.

2. It will not affect the color of the product.

3. Can generate a high concentration of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) lubrication protection layer, high temperature continues to be effective lubrication.

4. Can effectively resist salt water and various plot agents.

5. Will not take out or form harmful substances under high temperature load.

6. Anti-acid and alkali chemical corrosion.

7. Very low oil separation, super strong resistance to extreme pressure characteristics.

8. Good oil film strength and load capacity.

9. Longer life than ordinary synthetic grease.


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